About the Collection

Retro Rustique

Odio Mimonet’s skillful juxtaposition of contrasting colours and fabrics continues with this collection – an elegant, retro chic celebration of the female form. Retro Rustique showcases traditional materials used in unconventional ways that lend themselves the wearer’s unique style.

There is lace used abundantly and out of it’s typical context and exuding baroque style with a punk rock twist. The cuts and shapes are inspired by modern architectural structures with symmetrical shapes creating an alluring sense of an alternate reality. The use of the precise-cutting technique on Ankara, to give it a lacelike effect, is complemented by rich, opulent embroidery reminiscent of the famous Faberge eggs collected by Russian Czars.

The collection has distinctive bohemian elements, characterized by its eclectic range of textures and tones. Each piece is a modern treasure to be enjoyed by the confident OM lady.

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